Seriously, the title about ‘hate’ is what I’m not serious about.

I twisted it in such way because I think there’s a fine line between love and hate, especially in between two people who deep down love each other.

Deep in love … you get me now?

6 • The wall art

Yogya wall art artist drawing painting

I didn’t expect to see many wall paintings in Yogya. I used them as landmarks when cycling around the city. Yogya seems like an artsy-fartsy city, where talented artists, whether they’re dancers, painters, actors or musicians, are well respected.

I love all the paintings I captured. But only manage to identify LOVE HATE LOVE and Libre HEM among those.

7 • The temples (and the church)

Indonesia borobudur prabanam temple chicken church gereja ayam

If you want to know about the ancient Java, the relief panels on the walls of Borobudur and Prambanan are not to be missed.

But have you heard of Chicken Church?

Chick …. Chicken what?

Of course you don’t consider the church as a temple but aren’t they have the same function?

Initially the church was meant to look like a dove. But some how it ended up as a chicken.

The man behind this weird structure was from Jakarta, who received a holy vision that inspired him to create it. The idea of having dove shape on top of a steep hill is to send peace message to the world. It was built for everyone to come to pray. It’s for all religion.

Now that it becomes a popular tourist attraction. It amazes me how a man belief can lead to this.

9 • Music & art night

night life music art sketch via via cafe Jogjakarta

A local friend that I met a day before tagged me to ViaVia for a music performance. As ViaVia is supporting local art talents, I saw not only musicians, but also sketchers.

When I offered to sketch my friend, I was given paper and pen. Everything seemed to change completely. Suddenly I became part of them.

To me, a truly special night.

9 • The batik

Indonesia batik traditional art travel culture

Yogya batik is a big industry. It is produced and adapted into many products, be it mass produced merchandise or DIY craft. Just visit Malioboro market to see it.

Though the colourful batik are all very intriguing, it took me a while to find the type of pattern that I like. I wore it very often. Occasionally I got questions from foreign tourists about how to wrap it.

It was quite an experience. But wait a minute, how about batik for locals?

Indonesia batik old lady traditional asian pattern

When I saw this old lady on a bus, I can’t help but snapping her!

It was great to see someone wearing it on daily basis, and not for special occasion.

10 • Ojek

local cheap transport in city scooter driver of Go-Ojek at work indonesia motorcycle uber grab

Ojek is every where for you if you dare to try.

I was skeptical about it… until I discovered apps such as Grab and Go-Jek.

Take a look of how my driver relied on his mobile phone to get passengers and road direction. It was a fun and adventurous experience because I don’t get this in Malaysia.


From all the 10 things I mentioned, you should be able to know how I feel about Yogya. There are definitely more things for me to discover. Any tips?

Now tell me, have you experienced any place or any city that made you feel at home?