When I was a child, drawing was the only way to record my dreams. Blackboard and chalk were my tools. I didn’t do it on paper because I preferred to wipe it off once completed. I wanted them to be secrets.

Things are different as I get older. Either I hardly dream, or I can’t remember any of the dreams I had. That’s when I stopped drawing.

As time goes by, my life gets busier. My mind gets busier too. To get away from it, I return to drawing, back to the freedom I experienced as a child.

thinking peace meditation side view girl long hair line art drawing

line art drawing illustrator digital portrait art print

If you have visited my shop Happiness Is A Habit, you will know that I’m obsessed with line art. I feel it’s simplicity provides a minimalist feel that calms the mind and provides energy. I draw with fine pigment pens, scan and convert it digitally. I trace it meticulously with illustrator.

gone girl art drawing

Here is another artwork. I feel the lines carry strong expression so it’s better to keep this artwork as it is.

As art is a form of self expression, I don’t limit myself too much on the style. Although ideally, and commercially, I should establish a style!

teddy bear toy ted crochet cute button eyes painting portrait

Example of another style of my artwork. Ted the crochet bear is my favourite subject. I don’t know when I will get bored mentioning him!

water character in chinese brush stroke ink on bamboo paper

I also appreciate Chinese typography. To me, each Chinese character is an art form. I feel myself totally immersed in it while writing it.

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