Hi stranger, you have found me!

This is Phaik Kee aka pk. I’m a Malaysian Chinese. I regard myself as a visual storyteller, a travel enthusiast and sometimes even a yogi wannabe. Come see the world through my eyes in ‘Pk walks the world’.


Let’s get into the point.

I created this blog to share my travel journeys with my friends. So they could stop bugging me about publishing them on Facebook. Travel has been a passion for me and I’m sure you are here for the same reason.

Along the way I found more things that I will never tired to tell … like meditation. Then I felt I could do Chinese language as an extra. I’m not great in Chinese so this blog could motivate me to re-discover and re-learn Chinese language. Some of you might be interested … after all even Mark Zuckerberg is learning Chinese!

In fact I’m not great good in English too. Please bear with me on this.

Now I’m feeling bad… how about this cute puppy for a change?

Cute puppy from my parent's home.

Super adorable!

Never met a puppy or kitten that I didn’t fall in love with. Beware, I will keep stuffing them to you in future!

Enough with the intermission.

In short, it is a platform to record things that matter to me. Hopefully they are soon matter to you.

Fact of life, a little about me.

I’m working as an art freelancer in ad agencies, as well as on project basis. But I want something that worth to put my heart and soul. Agency is like, when you are in it you have to be aware of things and get easy with situations. If not, before you realise your heart could be eaten and your soul could be left ruined.

But. Yayy. I am still alive. (Thanks to the many kitten and puppy photos!)

Welcome to my world!

p.s.  Say hello and I’ll say HI back. If you want to comment, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. You can do it in Chinese, or in Malay/Bahasa, even in French!


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  1. AkiPokes

    HELLO! Keep posting, PhaikKee! Looking forward to your new post yo! 🙂

  2. Ciao, ciao! I like the look of your site! Looking forward to reading your stories – esp about things Chinese and yoga stuff!

  3. Hi PK! Looking forward to hearing about your worldly adventures. Curious about the places you have been, the people you have met and the food you have tried.

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