Here is the Lemon Poppy Seeds Cake in action! The fun part of baking a cake is observing it rising in oven.

Nothing beat a home-made cake. Baking is such a straightforward science. Follow a good recipe, use the best ingredients, bake it in the right-sized tin at the advised oven temperature. Then enjoy the result. Think of a small slice* of it with a brew ~ Heaven!

Illustrated Recipe Card: Lemon Poppy Seeds Cake. Ingredients and method in drawing

I usually followed the recipe for the first time. Not satisfy with the result? Adjust a little. Take this recipe for example, I reduced the amount of sugar as I felt the glaze had enough sweetness.

It was my favourite cake to bring to office. I don’t know how you like a cake. But most all of my colleagues like it for ‘not too sweet’.

How do you like a cake? Heavy? Light? Fluffy? Rich?


* Suggested portion… but I can never deal with it.