I met these kids while I was waiting for bus to the Tarsier Sanctuary (to visit the Yoda lookalike miniatures) in Bohol, Philippines. There was no signage of ‘bus stop’ but few locals reassured me this was the one place that the bus MUST STOP.

The first 10 minutes of my waiting time —I was like… ohhh what to do here under this unbearable sun? Went across the road to hide myself under the shade of cotton trees.

roaster cockfighting philippines

Doing some animal portraits was not a bad idea to kill time! This was a roaster meant to be on the cockfighting — a favourite sport in Philippines.

philippines boy with his pet

The owner was a serious boy. Took me sometime to capture his smile.

Playful kids Bohol Philippines swing cute Asian children candid portrait

A while later, his siblings/neighbours came. They showed off their acts as long as I pointing camera to them. The situation went a bit uncontrollable.

girl Bohol Philippines swing cute Asian child candid portraitPhilippines boy child Bohol Playful Bohol Philippines cute Asian children portrait

It was fun. I wished the bus doesn’t come.

cotton kid hands Bohol Philippines Asian children

In order to make them calm down and not doing dangerous stunts, I asked them randomly about things in the area. When I pointed the cottons that scattered on ground, they brought one to me.

Picking seeds cotton kids Bohol Philippines Asian children

They showed me this. Picking the seeds from the cotton.

Cotton Philippines Asian children candid

Make the cotton really fluffy. Spread and throw it to the air.

It was a beautiful scene even my heart felt the same — now I know what is the true meaning of ‘light-hearted’.

I did not expect such a simple act could be a game for them.

The bus was seriously late but this made my day. Thank you kiddos!