Every French will tell you that La Chandeleur is the day when we are supposed to make and eat crepes*, the thin pancakes that are usually served with savory fillings.

La Chandeleur is a feast that falls on the day before Lent, the Catholic period of fasting. At the time before fridges, eating pancakes was a way of using up eggs and butter before Lent.

Anyway, feel free to make crepes any day you like. Me as a crepe freak (Used to be a pancake freak) practically make crepes once a week.

Since I’m gonna write a post about crepe, I got a recipe for you. I usually don’t follow this recipe**. The recipe calls for beer and I never had beer at home. But truly and really… this is the beeest crepe I ever tasted.

All photos taken in Lyon, France. My friend and me had these crepes as our brunch.

Let’s just start!

cooking french crepe pancake recipe eggs flour milk beer oil laddle mixing

Cover and let it rest for at least 1 hour. The beer needs time to create bubbles. Now you know why it is sort of good for brunch and not breakfast!

cooking french crepe pancake recipe hot pan

Each crispy crepe needs a cube of butter. Add a ladle of batter and swirl the batter around in the pan. It is to spread the batter as fast as possible before it sets up.

cooking french crepe pancake recipe

When edges begin to brown and lifting up, flip over with a spatula or in the air!

cooking savory french crepe pancake sausage mustard fillings

The filling of your choice.

cooking french crepe sausage mustard foldingcooking savory french crepe fold sausage mustardcooking french crepe folded pan flip savory filling

This is the last chance to get the crispiness.

french crepe square pocket savory filling thin crispyeating french crepe savory best recipe crispy thin

In order to eat hot crepes straight from the pan, what my friend and me did was that we took turn to cook and eat. I cooked one for myself. While eating my crepe, it was my friend’s turn to cook. Never had a chance eating together if you aim for great crepes!

french Crepe jambon Gruyère cheese ham fillingfrench crepe cheeses filling

We assembled all the fillings before the cooking started, and mix-matched the ingredients however we like. Here are our versions.

french crepe thin pancake eating close-up savory filling crispy

Remember —The result has to be light, thin and crispy!


* Actually it was not true. The French starts flipping and eating crepes weeks before the day.

** My version of crepes always had homemade yeast. Because I have a bottle of yeast to feed. Half of it got to be discarded out periodically and becomes the ingredient of my crepes.