Come to learn the world of nature and the forces that regulate all things in the universe.

Fire is one of them.

Source of all fire is the sun that contributes heat, light and life. Without the Sun none of us would even exist in the first place!

火 huǒ (fire)


chinese character on oracle bone

A primal force in nature, fire darts upward, its flames clinging to each other as do the stokes in this pictogram. It is an evocation of the natural world, as has seen and written it.

chinese character based on fireChinese posters with characters fire, extinguish and disaster

Take a look of how it evolved to some other characters. It becomes ashes(灰 huī) when we extinguish (灭 miè) it. If it is not well-controlled, it could cause disaster (灾 zāi). 

灾 has a roof that explains burning house. By looking at 灰 and 灭, you can imagine the fire been wiped out.

chinese character stir fry

It proceeded to invent the idea of cooking. One of the methods of cooking is stir-fry (炒 chǎo), as in stir-fried noodle chao-mien. The fire 火 combined with 少.  少 means less. How do we explain it? Stir-fry takes less time to cook a meal?

This post is the continuer from , which is also one of five elements of nature.