The idea of ‘forever summer’ might sounds strange to some people.

Flashback to the month of December. I was on an outskirt of Sichuan, China.

One local asked me, ‘Oh you are from Malaysia. What’s the weather like your country?’

‘We only have one season – that’s summer. ‘

‘I don’t believe you. There’s no such thing as one season in this world.’

I did not expect such an answer. Summer all year round just sounds too absurd for him.

Anyway… my purpose of writing this post is about expressing feelings and ideas through photographs, with the existence of lines.

green plant summer line art

Real happiness comes from inside. Find yours.

line art drawing plant close up green nature

Sometimes what you need is just a change of air

green leaf line flow expressive feelings

Real freedom comes only when you know your true nature

flower pot beautiful nature green summer

You might think that I’m too tiny that a breath would blow me away. You wish. Many have blown.

cows farm village field nature nature backlight warm

When you find yourself, you find love.

close up photo leaf green mature water drop

Can you feel the tears of nature

green nature fern leaf

Today could the day that someone ignites you, and change your life.

Don’t you think the lines give life to the still images?