Visiting the musée du quai Branly or simply just Quai Branly Museum, was an unusual experience for me.

Located on the left bank of Seine River, Paris, it conserves works originating in Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. It highlights the history of the ‘other’, with the collections of art which are not like what I have seen before.

This museum was built to feature non-Western art that not recognised. It is to demonstrate that the masterpieces of the world are born free and equal.

The Collections

An ethnography museum, a colonial museum or a human zoo… depend on how you want to view it.

Human wooden face Quai Branly Museumancient art human figureIngenious art and culture and human figureHuman wooden figure Quai Branly MuseumHuman faces design on an ancient thingAnimal shape in ancient designAnimal in ancient art collectionanimal art figure ancient museum visit

I can’t help wondering how pure and creative of human’s mind from the ‘other’ region. Their wild imagination derived from just the same world you and me living. Isn’t it unbelievable?