Along the forest trail in this French countryside I saw cherries hung up on trees. It was cherry season I guess. I picked few and popped them into my mouth. My friend said I better stop doing it.

Cherry fruits close up green red

I collected some from the ground. Does this make me a thief as well?

France countryside far view nature green summerFrance countryside far view nature green summer

Peaceful landscape. Now I know why the cherries tasted so good. I felt so lighthearted strolling in this airy surrounding.

When we finally arrived at our friend’s home, I realised that our friend’s orchard had three cherry trees.

After a round of conversations and a couple of sips.

“Excusez-moi, je veux faire des photos,” I excused myself to take photos in the orchard.

The owner said the cherries were all perfectly ripe but the amount was just too excessive for him and his family.

I had two huge bags of cherries at the end.

Cherry tart cake baking close up food dessertCherry tart cake baking close up food dessert

A week later I baked a tart from my left over cherries.

I love baking with fruits. Fruits provides sweetness and adds flavour. The more ripe the fruits the lesser sugar needed to make a cake or dessert.

I always think of how important to get ripened fruit. However it is not often possible when we live a city lifestyle. Or in a climate that not producing the ingredients that listed in the recipes.

Also read that produce picked early does not develop as many sunlight-related nutrients that give fruits their colour and flavour which protect us against DNA damage, brain-cell deterioration and cancer.

Imported fruits picked unripe and shipped long distance before ripening doesn’t provide the desirable nutrition as it claimed.

Polysacarides develop in fruit during the final stages of ripening is the key for strong and healthy immune system.

Supporting local farming by frequent to local markets is one way to source fruits. My other way around this is to swapping certain ingredients. Example, make lime tart instead of lemon tart!

Do you have any thought on this?


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