Through these pictures, I remember how every child has the tendency to becoming an adult. No different for the children on the remote hill in Philippines and Myanmar.

Travel into rural Myanmar. Myanmar tourism. Meeting local Burmese.

A smart man at a train station in Myanmar.

Burmese kid smoking. The photo taken during a trekking trip in Kalaw, Myanmar.

A kid fixing his kite in Kalaw, Myanmar.

In fact his younger friends were waiting for him to fix the kite so they could play together.

Come to think of it. I had the same experience when I was a child. I always wanted to look like an adult. Just like them.

Not only I was secretly using my mom’s lipstick, I also tried to fit my little feet into mom’s wedding shoes. Since they were not my size, I tagged my cousin to try more heels and got chased out of a shoe shop!

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