To me, making pineapple cookies is really one hell of a difficult job. Only happened to me once a year — Chinese New Year! That I determined to spend my Chinese New Year countdown days by eating these everyday.

I assign two days for it.

pineapple cookies hot from oven

pineapple cookies

First, find a day to do the filling. Slice the pineapple fruits. Cut them into pieces and crush them to become smoothie. Cook for 2- 3 hours till it dried but not burnt. If it is burnt, start looking for new fruits.

Pick another day. Mix ingredients to form a dough. Divide and weight the filling and dough. Wrap the dough to enclose the filling. Repeat and repeat…

That was why they were made just for myself. If I happened to pass some to you guys, means I really love you too much!

Are you as crazy as me on eating pineapple cookies?