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Some of you might already knew I love to take photos of cats and dogs. It was because I don’t need to concern about their copyright. And I could just post their photos in this wide wild world.

These photos taken at my parents home, in one of my hometown trips.

You really have to do something if you see a puppy as cute as this one.

puppy cute sitting pet close up dog

He was at the age of learning about this world. About life. About things. Oh what’s this black box for? What… caa-mera?

close up shot dog pet

Unfortunately he also had to deal with me — the stalker.

puppy cute relaxing pet close up dog

At one point he was about into his siesta.

puppy cute sitting pet dog chubby

Someone trying to cheer him up interrupt him. But obviously he was still staying cool!

You might think I was very close to him. No not at all… in fact it was my first time and the only time meeting him. Someone adopted him later.

Who can resist such a shy cute puppy?!

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