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10 Things I Hate About Netherlands pt. 2

5 • Dutch snacks Instead of continue my mission to the 6th thing I hate about Netherlands, I still can’t stop gossiping about Dutch food. The Dutch are very serious about their choice of…

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10 things I hate about Netherlands pt.1

Let’s begin. 1 • Cycling on flat land During my stay there I cycled to the beach, lakes, cafes and malls. With the help of google map, of course….

China tourism - Dongchuan Red Earth Terraces, Yunnan, China


Sunrise view On the second day (after a good half day spent in Dongchuan), our driver took us to a hilltop viewpoint to capture sunrise. Armed with torch light…

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Cooking French crepes

Every French will tell you that La Chandeleur is the day when we are supposed to make and eat crepes*, the thin pancakes that are usually served with savory…