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Forever Summer

The idea of ‘forever summer’ might sounds strange to some people. Flashback to the month of December. I was on an outskirt of Sichuan, China. One local asked me, ‘Oh you…

Cherry fruits close up green red tree nature countryside

It’s cherry season!

Along the forest trail in this French countryside I saw cherries hung up on trees. It was cherry season I guess. I picked few and popped them into my mouth….

Thalland Krabi Homestay swing lake

The Idea Of Homestay

It was not my first time to Krabi, Thailand. So my friend suggested to get to Ao Luk instead of the usual popular Ao Nang. This homestay was…

Chinese character water nature lao tzu

Be Water

Water, like all of nature’s primal forces, defines itself in motion and by its place in life’s eternal cycle. Water nourishes all things. Kuo Hsi, the great landscape…

Chinese character earth poster design

Earth: with the existence of cities

The earth, 土 tǔ, embraces all of nature. Yet it is represented in the most minimal form in this ideogram containing the character of ten ‘十,’ which in Chinese also means ‘complete’,…

China tourism - Dongchuan Red Earth Terraces, Yunnan, China


Sunrise view On the second day (after a good half day spent in Dongchuan), our driver took us to a hilltop viewpoint to capture sunrise. Armed with torch light…

Dongchuan China agriculture rural farmer goat cloudy sky layered fields beautiful


When you hit google search for the word ‘Dongchuan’ or ‘东川红土地’ (literally Dongchuan Red Land) or ‘红土地摄影’ (Red Land photography), you will be in awe of the amazing…

dog close up expression

The curious dog

I met this curious looking dog in a monastery in Darjeeling, India. A jeep drive from city centre plus a short walk brought me to this Tibetan monastery (or gompa). It was…