The Idea Of Homestay

It was not my first time to Krabi, Thailand. So my friend suggested to get to Ao Luk instead of the usual popular Ao Nang.

This homestay was quite hidden. The reason why my friend and me picked this place was because it’s walking distance to a national park.

I stayed in many homestays but this one had the most care and love.

It is surrounded by limestone mountains and forest. It has a pond that big enough to float a canoe. A few containers of fish food were placed at pond side for those who care to feed the fishes. Yes the fishes were forever hungry!

Thalland Krabi HomestayThalland Krabi HomestayThalland Krabi Homestay kitchenChair Thalland Krabi Homestay

The owner hired carpenters to make almost all her stuffs. From signage, lamp post, cupboards, to chairs and tables. Well… handmade furnitures are pretty common in rural areas of Thailand.

homemade herbal tea

Aha. Here’s come what was not common. The owner offered us her collections of dried herb to make tea! One of them was stevia. It was my first time having sweet tea made with stevia.

Thalland Krabi Homestay

Even we were out touring around the village, we tried to be back for more tea tastings. Once we returned and so happened the owner having brunch with her friends, immediately we were offered this. Dessert on the house! You won’t get this if you stayed in hotel isn’t it?

We chatted a bit. She was very content with her life here and she had vision on how a healthy and ecology environment should be. A retiree (I assume she is) but still busy taking charge of her life.

Thalland Krabi Homestay chair wooden batik

Hey, something familiar. Quite lovely to see cushion covers made from batik.

Starfruit tropical fruit sunfried

Wonder how does sun-dried starfruit taste.

Thalland Krabi Homestay

When I felt I have enough talking, I went to this bird. She could not understand what she was talking so it was pretty fun to spend time with.

Thalland Krabi Homestay

This little place for guests to sit and relax, or read a book. If not, go for a few swings at pond side.

The downside of this homestay was …. the mosquitoes! But it’s impossible to stay in a tropical forest or village without the present of mosquitoes isn’t it?

Homestay always gives me a more authentic experience. Mind to share your experience?




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  1. Hey! I remember the bird can imitate the owner talked and laughed. Awesome!

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