“Do you like cat?”

“No, I don’t,” I answered, “I LOOOOOVE cat!”

She was not mine. I babysat her for a friend. Little did I know, how active of her.

I was with my camera trying my best to frame her into my photo subject. Once she realised she was the attention, she jumped flew from one furniture to another, like a maniac. No. It was me chasing her like a maniac.

When I raised my voice, she stared at me. I think I kind of turned her into a rebellious cat.

At the end, I managed to put her on my favourite ‘Pain de Sucre’ fabric.

I know ‘Pain de Sucre’ sounds like something painful but it’s more like a sweet sugar bread. Yet it’s not correct too. ‘Pain de Sucre’ is a mountain on an island, at the north of Madagascar. I think this souvenir from Madagascar suits her well.

cat biting close up blue clothcat close up depth of field cutecat tired front view close up shotcat balcony back view

I was looking for her. No sign of her. Had she fallen from balcony? I remembered I grab her back to inside after spotting her hanging out on the balcony. Checked on the ground floor and the whole of apartment. OMG how am I going to explain to my friend?!!

But I thought, she’s a smart ass. Let’s just wait.

About two hours later, the door bell rang. My neighbour came to ask if we lost a cat.

She was still alive and kicking! She climbed across to my neighbour’s balcony! What a limbo day for me.

Despite all the troubles, I really think she was as sweet as a sugar bun!