All Malaysian Chinese have their Chinese names. Even for those who can’t speak any Chinese language.

Take mine for example.

Lee Phaik Kee is the translated version of my Chinese name 李碧芝. The English version has more usage than the Chinese as it is what shown on my identity card/passport and how people address me.

So where ever I go, I use Phaik Kee*.

The problem was… people would either call me Peggy or Maggie, sometimes even Pinky. A Nepalese that I met on Himalayas called me ‘pancake’** because there was no way he could pronounce my name.

It was quite amusing how ‘Phaik Kee’ becomes ‘Pan Cake’. All I want to say is, I have stopped trying.

To my foreign friends, I introduced myself as ‘Lee’. And sometimes I added — ‘You know Bruce Lee the kick ass fellow? Yes the same Lee.’

Share with me if you have a name that difficult to pronounce. Or how your name turn out weird in another language.


* Except for China

** Pancake was the most popular food ordered by tourist in Nepal