In traditional Chinese philosophy, the life of the universe and the patterns of human affairs are inseparable. By observing nature, man can gain insights into his own life.

It is the same for Chinese characters. The formation of the Chinese characters is a process of the conceptualisations of the natural world.

木mù (tree/wood)

Chinese primitive character Oracle bone script

This is one example of primitive Chinese character 木 mù engraved on oracle bones. Over time, the material and techniques used from bones and shells to metals, stone, silk, and paper. Also from scratching to brushwork.

chinese characterschinese character language poster

mù is expressed in writing by a simple pictogram showing the tree trunk with the roots below, intersected by a line that representing a branch.

A multiplicity of trees by two trees side by side makes forest (林 lin). Adding a third tree makes a dense forest (森 sēn).